Motorola APX6000

Best Tech, Inc. is a Woman-Owner Small business and an authorized Motorola Federal Radio Solutions Premier Partner. We specialize in providing two way radio communications solutions to Federal Agencies Worldwide.

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Motorola APX6000 Radio Accessories

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Motorola APX6000 P25 Portable Two Way Radio

Part No: APX6000

Motorola APX6000 P25 Portable Radio

Delivering outstanding performance in a lightweight form factor without sacrificing the features you need most. The APX™ 6000 is the next generation of ruggedly reliable performers that gives you the advanced features such as Mission Critical Wireless and GPS location tracking in the smallest, P25 Phase 2 TDMA-capable radio available. Whether you’re responding to a call or racing to a fire, the APX™ 6000 puts you in greater control of your safety, response time and technology investment.

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