Motorola Astro XTL5000

Motorola XTL5000

Part No: Motorola XTL5000

Motorola Astro XTL 5000 P25 Mobile Radio

Meet the Digital Workhorse for Your Mobile Needs

The Motorola ASTRO® XTL™ 1500 digital mobile radio is an affordable two-way choice for organizations with moderate communication requirements. Built to withstand the demanding conditions, the unit is capable of resisting dust, blowing rain, vibration, shock and many other rough situations. Compliance with Project 25 ensures a crisp, continuous and high-quality signal. The intuitive user interface means less time and money devoted to training.

Ideal for: Federal Government, Public Safety, Public Works, Transportation, and Utilities.

Motorola XTL 5000 Features:

Enhanced ergonomic design
Withstands rough weather and shocks. 

Advanced functionality 
Supports 850 channels and multiple analog and digital protocols. 

XTL interface
Offers common user interface across tiers, to streamline training. 

Interoperable voice signaling
Complies with P25 standards.

Alphanumeric 14-digit LCD display
Remains clear in all types of light.

Customer programming software
Allows users to drag and drop, clone and program over IP capabilities. 

Unparalleled adaptability 

Motorola XTL 5000 Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 
    • VHF: (136–174MHz)
    • UHF: (380-470, 450 - 520MHz) 
    • 800MHz: (764- 870 MHz) 
  • Power: 
    • 10-50 Watt (136-174 MHz)
    • 10-40 Watts (380 - 470 MHz)
    • 10 - 45 Watts (450 - 520 MHz)
    • 10-35 Watt (764 - 870 MHz) 
  • Mil Spec 810 C,D,E, & F 
  • Dimensions H x W x D – (Radio Transceiver and Control Head) 2.6" x 7.3" x 9.8" 
  • Weight – 5.2 lbs. 
  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year