Motorola CT250

HMN9754D - Surveillance Microphone (Two-Wire)

Part No: HMN9754D

$114.00   $102.60
GP350, CP150, CP200, P110, PR400, SP50, SP50+

RLN5198AP - 2-wire surveillance kit with clear comfortable acoustic tube, beige

Part No: RLN5198AP

$125.00   $112.50
Surveillance accessories allow the user to privately receive communication with the earpiece and are ideal when environments require discreet communication

RLN5317A - Comfort Earpiece w/Mic and PTT Beige

Part No: RLN5317A

$120.00   $108.00
CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450LS, CP150, CP200, GP300, P1225, P1225LS, PR400, SP50, SP50+

RLN5318A - Comfort Earpiece w/Mic and PTT Black

Part No: RLN5318A

$120.00   $108.00
CT450·LS, CT450, CT250, CT150, CP150, CP200, GP300, P1225, P1225·LS, PR400, SP50, SP50+,